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9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Monday - Friday)

  • 0086-311-89277936
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Marketing Department

Add: No.368,Youyi North Road,050070Shijiazhuang City,Hebei,China

Main Warehouse

Middle OF Yuhua Road,Anping County,HengShuiCity,HeBei

Domestic Trade Department


Name: Peter Wang(CEO)

TEL: 0086-311-89277939

Email: info@maishimfg.com

Brazilian Office

Add: Rua Manuel Gaya,1608 , Vl. Mazzei

TEL: (11) 97484-4445

Email: fvictol@gmail.com

Sector 1 :

Sector 2 :

Name: Simon Su(Manager)

TEL: 0086-311-89909764

Email: sales15@maishimfg.com

Sector 3 :

Name: Nancy Liu(Manager)

TEL: 0086-311-89277937

Email: sales4@maishimfg.com

Sector 4 :

Documents Department :

Name: Miss Niu

TEL: 0086-311-89277938

Email: 2825192712@qq.com

MaiShi MFG